Where can you find appendix in your body?

Appendix is a part that can be seen at the junction that is between the large as well as small intestine. This is a part that is thin and about four inches long. This is a part that is seen in the lower part of your abdomen.

The operation of appendix is not known to us and it is considered that this part is capable of acting as storage of good bacteria. This part helps in rebooting the system and helps in digestion after any kind of diarrheal illnesses. Nobody has observed any kind of health problems after the removal of appendix but a surgeon can tell you where is your appendix?
Medical Conditions to Appendix

There are mainly tow different kinds of medical conditions that may occur to appendix. These two conditions can be much harmful and can lead to many difficulties.

· Appendicitis: Appendicitis is a condition that arises with the inflammation of appendix and also due to some infection happened to it. This part can even get ruptured after getting significantly ruptured. The major symptom of appendicitis is severe pain in right side of lower belly and can even make you puke.

· Tumours: Another major and harmful medical condition that can happen to the appendix is tumours. There are even chances for these tumours to be carcinogenic. Carcinogenic appendix tumours can be identified by the symptoms like wheezing, diarrhoea etc. Epithelial tumours over appendix are mostly found cancerous and there are fewer chances for the tumour formations over appendix.

Appendix Tests

There are various methods through which you can examine appendix and find out whether there is any problem related with your appendix. Some of the popular methods for this are

· Medical Examination: Appendicitis can be easily identified by a doctor by examining the abdomen and finding out whether there is any change associated with abdomen.

· CT scan: A CT scanning can also be helpful for examining whether there is anything wrong with your appendix. The scanning can show an inflamed appendix if the condition of appendicitis has already occurred.

· Ultrasound: Ultrasound scanning can also be used for identifying whether there is a condition of appendicitis.

· CBC: When a blood test is done during appendicitis, you can easily observe increase in the volume of White – Blood cells, inflammation and also the condition of infection.

· MRI: This is another kind of imaging test that helps in easy detection of appendicitis.


The common kind of abnormality associated with appendix is appendicitis and this condition can easily be identified from the symptoms like severe pain in the lower abdomen and also vomiting. Once when you get such a doubt of appendicitis, you should better go for medical examination because its severity can lead to rupture and thereby can be very harmful to you.

· Appendectomy: This is the surgery associated with the appendix. Appendicitis can be cured only with surgery. Tumours also need surgery but it is more complicated than that of appendicitis surgery.

· Antibiotics: If there is only an infection then antibiotics can solve the problem but it is not a complete solution for appendicitis.

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