What Causes the Symptoms of Chest Pain

Chest pain is pain sensed in the upper body from the shoulders to the ribs. Even though chest pain can be a sign of various other conditions, it must be looked seriously. This article will offer you an idea of what is causing the chest pain and when you want to see doctor.

Only the common causes of chest pain are covered in this article. Chest pain symptoms can be heart pain when the pain feels heavy, tight or pressing, the pain is triggered through physical activity and relived by taking sufficient amount of rest, you have other symptoms like nausea, breathlessness, sweating and pain that spread to the arm.

If the chest pain is triggered by physical action but relieved after you stop doing that activity, it may be angina.

The tightness or the cheap pain may spread from chest to the left neck, arm and back. It is because of restricted blood flow.

The arteries supplying blood has narrowed and it causes chest pain because your heart does not received sufficient amount of oxygen. A heart attack can be felt when the chest is being squeezed or pressed through a heavy object.

The key differences between heart attack and angina are the discomfort of heart attack will repeat despite medication. It happens at rest or at the time of sleeping is severe and can come by other signs like sweating but angina is mild and normally triggered by physical activity. In most of the cases, chest pain is not caused through heart associated conditions.

The normal causes are anxiety, heart burn where stomach acid comes from the stomach back in to the food pipe, chest wall pain and a pulled muscle.

But it is better to contact a GP to get a perfect diagnosis on how to get rid of the pain as well as to manage the underlying cause. There are some other causes of chest pain. Tenderness and chest pain without any swelling may come by a pulled muscle in the chest wall.

This can be painful but after taking rest, the pain must ease and the muscle will heal. If you feel swelling, have pain and tenderness on the ribs, it may be because of costochondritis.

It is caused by joints inflammation between the cartilages which connects the ribs to the breastbone. Your chest pain can also be causes by other issues like anxiety. It can cause physical symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain and heart palpitations.

Consult your doctor and get advice from him. Mastitis is swelling and pain of the breast which is normally caused through an infection mostly during breastfeeding.

Doctors will prescribe antibiotics to assist clear the infection. Shingles is an infection of the skin and the nerve around it. It is caused through the herpes varicello virus.

Due to the complex system of nerves in the human body, the cause of the pain may arrive from elsewhere like the abdomen. If you are suspicious regarding the cause of your chest pain, immediately consult your doctor to get medications.

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