The Well Known Benefits of Maca Powder

The common reason people use maca root is to improve their libido, energy and to balance emotions associated to hormonal problems and nutritional supplement. This plant root performs with hormonal system of the body to balance the progesterone, testosterone and estrogen.

Maca is a super food has thiamin, carotene, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, niacin and other types of vitamins. Maca root contain great amount of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium, small amount of zinc, copper, iron, manganese, boron and selenium.

It has eleven percent one gram of protein and essential fatty acids. Due to its eighteen amino acids, it is full form of proteins for raw foodists and vegans.

Peru people do not require any scientific test to prove the great health maca powder benefits  because it has been considered as their traditional food for many years. It is taken in different ways in Peru. Maca is availed in smoothies, baking and different other foods.

This herb plant can be taken as a capsule or like a powder or as an extract. The capsules usually have 500 mg of powder. Large number of people uses maca in the powder form through mixing it in different smoothies or just taking it through dissolving in plain water. It is good to take in the powder form because your body can absorb it quickly.

It has a nutty flavor but if you are so sensitive about taste, then it is good to take in the capsule form. Maca is a type of plant native to the Andes land, Peru. It is normally availed root vegetable as well as medicinal plant.

Maca is safe food for animals and humans but it has little amount of iodine which may create thyroid issues if excessively taken. But dark colored roots contain high content of natural iodine which contain up to 10 g serving of the dried maca may has 52 milligrams of iodine.

It is the herb availed in early times. Actually ancient soldiers are availing the herb like a potential substance for keeping a vigorous and energetic body condition. This power is regarded as a best food that improves energy levels with many health benefits.

It has many elements that are seen in ginseng which are effective in maintaining a good sexual life. Maca is cultivated for the health and nutritional value of its root.

Most of the harvested maca is dried. In the dried form maca can be stored for many years. The root can be mashed and boiled to make a thick sweet liquid, dried and combined with milk to make porridge. The developing demand for maca root is liable for the quick commercialization in Peru.

Three different colors of maca root is found like black, cream and red. Black the powerful in energy terms, cream is most used in Peru and red maca has been revealed to lessen the prostate. All black, red and cream maca contain same taste that is light nutty flavor.

You can include maca in different ways, it creates an excellent tasting desert if dusted on the banana split, or sprinkled on soup or muesli. You will not find any side effects of toxicity in this root.

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