Positive and Negative Maca Root Results

Maca Root is a very nutritious supplement originating from the Andes in Peru, where it has been labeled as a “super food”.

The Peruvians have been using these roots for several years.

This plant is grown for the nourishing and health value of its root. When they are harvested, majority are dried, since in this form, they can be stored for a number of years.

Fresh roots are commonly obtainable only near the growers. Its roots can also be crushed and boiled, to get a sweetened, thick liquid which is dried and mixed with milk to form porridge.

The rising demand for the root is responsible for its fast commercialization in both Peru and Bolivia. Cream, Red and Black Maca all have the same taste, which is a light, nutty flavor.

When you add the root to other foods in various ways, for instance, when sprinkled over banana split, or sprinkled over muesli, soup or porridge it makes a lovely tasting desert. The root is a staple food in Peru and there are no known toxicity results.

Below are some of Maca Root Results:

  • Improved exercises performance, patience, stamina, strength & muscle gain.

High testosterone in men and no hormonal complications in women.It also makes an individual live a stress fee life because it protects one from stress.

Quicker wound recovery.Low high blood pressure, low cholesterol and increased energy levels.Increased metabolism which may help with weight loss. Improved sex drive with no erectile dysfunction cases.Reduced regularity and harshness of asthma attacks.Fewer warning signs of joint pain and arthritis.

Reduced allergies to seasonal pollens, dogs and cats.

Even though science has found no negative Maca Root Results, there are reports from a number of customers about a few experiences they have had when taking the root, particularly when they used it for the first time. They include:

  • Insomnia: A few individuals report feeling insomnia when first starts to take this food. To ease this likelihood it is advisable that you take this food before 2pm or you can reduce your dosage. Another interesting result is that the food in fact has helped many ladies in per-menopause or menopause to overcome sleeplessness.
  • Digestive Problems: Around 5% of users report stomach upset, minor cramping or gas after taking raw root. When this happens, know that it is because of the starch content in the uncooked root.
  • Acne: Some users have reported an increase in spots after during the preliminary stages of using this food. This is a short-term symptom. As your body balances its hormones the spots will reduce and probably vanish.
  • Heart Burn – This is very uncommon, however, in case it affects you the most essential thing is not to take taking the root with any type of fruit.

Taken properly, this food offers a host of positive results, precious in the hectic schedule of our modern daily lives. However, consult with your doctor before introducing this root in your diet, if you have any type of cancer, or if you are under medication or hormonal therapy. For the individuals who have issues with their anger management, take one step at a time until your body get used to the food.

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