Location and Function of Your Liver in the Body

Where is your liver? – Liver is the most vital organ in the human body. When your liver is healthy, it is not easy to notice. Even though it functions behind the scenes, it is one the essential and biggest organs in the body. It does more than 300 works and assists some of other organs perform their works.

Liver is situated in the upper side right hand part of the abdominal cavity, safeguarded by the rips. It is located top of the stomach, intestines and right kidney. When you grow adult stage, the liver weighs three pounds. A healthy liver is seen in reddish color and shaped such as a wedge.

Few doctors have explained the shape like football that has been flattened. Liver is made up of two sections. These two sections are simply the starting. Every lobe or section is made up of large number of lobules. They are small and made up of plenty of liver cells known as hepatocytes.

The cells line in rows and the blood vessels diffuse nutrients and oxygen by the capillary walls in to the cells of liver. The sections are linked to bile ducts which link with bigger ducts to make the hepatic duct. It transports bile made by these cells to the duodenum and gallbladder.

It is an individual organ that functions closely with the liver is connected to the bile duct. Liver receives blood from two various sources the portal vein and the hepatic artery.

The blood that is oxygen rich source, flow in by the artery and nutrients by the portal vein from intestines. Blood leaves the liver through central vein in every section.

The group in a network results straightly to the vena cava. This big vein gathers blood from different parts and passes them on for the heart to use.

Liver is the weigh station in the journey of blood on the body. Liver processes the blood, breaks down the chemicals and nutrients the blood takes. it alters these in to different ways that are easier for the other part of the body to avail and regulates the chemicals level in the blood.

The checking part comes in handy because beneficial nutrients and the waste products your blood carries, your liver has to filter out both these items. Thus nutrients are sent in to the bloodstream and wastes are excreted like a product known as bile.

Bile is beneficial in assisting to break down fats and arranging them for digestion and absorption.

The liver can regenerate itself when minimum twenty five percent of the healthy liver stays, it can turn whole again. It is the biggest gland and the most complex in function. Both alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking affect the liver function.

A healthy liver can be able to filters up to 1.7 of blood in one minute. It has three hundred billion cells. Liver can make one liter of bile daily. The body reabsorbs the bile salts and sends them regularly straightly back to the liver for the purpose of reuse. A healthy liver can hold up to two year store of vitamin A.

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