Everything You Need To Know About Chest Pain On The Left Side

When it comes to health, one of the most common affections people suffer nowadays is the chest pain on the left side.

Usually, most of the doctors consider the chest pain one of the first signs of a heart attack, but there are many people who do not pay close attention to this symptom, as they associate it with indigestion or acid reflux.

Unfortunately, in most of the situations, the main cause of the chest pain was a heart attack or a myocarditis, depending on the intensity of the pain. Generally, a chest pain left side is characterized as burning, stabbing or aching and the pain might radiate to the back or to the upper side of the abdomen.

When talking about the main causes of the chest pain on the left side, there are many possibilities and they are actually very varied.

The most common cause of the chest pain is a heart attack, which manifests through a lower quantity of blood running through the blood vessels and oxygen reduction, symptoms which lead to the heart attack. If this is the cause that affects the patient, the chest pain on the left side should be very intense and burning.

Myocarditis is also one of the causes that determines the apparition of the chest pain and this affection is characterized by the inflammation of the heart muscles. A person who suffers of myocarditis feels fatigued, tired and the concentration capacity is much lower than normally.

Apart from the heart issues, the chest pain can be easily caused by lungs problems, too.

Asthma is a common lungs affection, as it manifests through the inflammation of the airways, which leads to the pain chest on the left side. The patient who suffers of asthma also reports shortness of breaths and coughing, along with an unpleasant sensation of chest tightening.

Pneumonia is also a popular lungs affection, which can determine the apparition of the chest pain, too. The pain caused by pneumonia is described as aching and very deep, but sometimes it is not diagnosed correctly and the result may be even death.

Other potential causes which may provoke the chest pain are the gastrointestinal issues.

For instance, the pancreatitis manifests through an intense pain chest on the left side when lying down and a slight pain when leaning forward. It is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems and it affects 2 people out of 30.

In order to prevent these affections and diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to identify the cause of the chest pain.

It is important to do this when the first symptoms appear, otherwise the affection may develop and there will be very severe consequences for patients’ health.

If the cause is diagnosed from the beginning, a proper treatment will be enough to remedy it and ameliorate the chest pain on the left side.

In order to do this, the patient has to be extremely careful at the symptoms and pay a visit to the doctor urgently, especially if he observes that the chest pain lasts for more than a few days.

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