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How We Work

The careers of our candidates are of the utmost importance. HCA offers candidate-driven professional services. HCA is a health career agent and advisory firm.  We are people oriented first and transaction oriented second. We work closely with our candidates to ensure successful placements. We match people with their most desired career objectives. We also ensure that career matches are commensurate with background, skill levels, credentials, and experience.  Our agent and advisory approach is unique in the healthcare industry.  HCA conducts thorough candidate and client evaluations.  The success of our assistance is in part due to our emphasis in conducting preliminary assessments with our candidates and employers alike.  Our efforts greatly aid candidates with successfully matching their preferred career path with the employer’s placement desired result. All candidates are screened and evaluated prior to acceptance into HCA’s candidate pool.  Only those candidates that meet HCA’s standards of excellence are accepted into the candidate pool for placement. Our standards for admission often exceed our client’s hiring expectations ensuring the best possible outcome; a smooth career transition and long-term placement. 

Our candidates receive:
  • Confidential job searches
  • Access to the finest healthcare employers in the nation
  • Assessments and evaluation of candidates' unique skills and preferences in order to effectively present the best matched positions
  • Career advisory assistance
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Contract reviews and finalization

For consideration, submit your resume and see how we can assist you with meeting your career objectives.

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